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At The Libran, we believe that a better tomorrow of our community and society lies within the hand of everyone. We strive to generate adequate and sustainable profits through businesses to support service projects by a variety of service organisations since our establishment in 2017. As part of our movement, we are also passionate in developing potential leaders and/or entrepreneurs to strengthen and support us in achieving our goals.

TEE-AMO is one of the few start-ups established by The Libran to derive funds for supporting community service projects. At TEE-AMO, we market premium T-shirts with unique designs to tee lovers. We also aim to market T-shirts designed by local creative designers as part of our People Development Programme. To find out more about our People Development Programme, please register your interests here.

Also, we act as a trustworthy and transparent intermediary between charity homes and the public by addressing the needs of charity homes without the public worrying about the use of their donations.


Our goals

Currently, we are primarily supporting the movement led by local Lions Clubs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Community service projects organised by these local Lions Clubs will be selectively assessed and supported.

Moving forward, we aim to participate, contribute and support these following movements, service organisations, and inter-governmental organisations for the betterment of communities at international level:

  1. National Cancer Society Malaysia;
  2. The Lost Food Project;
  3. Lions Clubs outside Malaysia;
  4. Rotary Clubs;
  5. World Vision International; and
  6. Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.