Support us for World Cancer Day 2021! Pre-order is now available!

World Cancer Day 2021

Greetings from The Libran!

In line with World Cancer Day 2021, we are launching a T-shirt with the theme World Cancer Day 2021 to raise public awareness on cancer and raise fund for specific goal. I Am and I Will has been designated as the theme for World Cancer Day from 2019 to 2021 and The Libran is committed to support this meaningful international event this year. 

As January is the awareness month for Cervical Cancer, The Libran would like to take this opportunity to kill two stones with one bird. Profits generated from the sales of World Cancer Day 2021 T-shirt will be used to purchase at least 5 sets of HPV Vaccination for the needy. If we outperform the above target, we would like to upgrade our goal to at least 5 sets of HPV Vaccination & Screenings.

We are currently accepting pre-order from now onwards while our dedicated printing team is printing the T-shirt for all our supporters! Therefore, it is not available on all our online shopping platforms yet. However, fret not! You may contact us via our Facebook page (including Facebook messenger), Instagram page (including Instagram messenger), email as well as our mobile number to enquire about this product. 

p/s: This T-shirt will be printed on the dedicated NAVY colour and not BLACK colour.

We Are The Libran and We Will Support a Cancer Free World!

Signing off our first blog post,

The Libran